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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to sanitize mattress?
We rejuvenate ourselves while sleeping and babies grow faster in their sleep. Any mattress, which is more than 6 months old, has toxic waste of mites between 200gm and 400gm. We spend 1/3 of our life on mattress, don’t you think it should be cleaned and sanitized regularly? You wash your pillow covers and bed sheets twice a week and in some cases more often, however your mattress is never cleaned or sanitized in its lifetime. In case you are allergic then it becomes all the more important to avoid allergens.
Can I see dust mites?
No, you cannot see them with the naked eye. A matchstick head could hold over 10000 mites. If you are able see them without any magnification they could be some other mites or germs.
Does mattress-sanitizing cures my allergies?
Sanitizing mattresses will help in reducing the allergy symptoms; however, it is not the cure. In case you are allergic then it works well along with your medical schedule. Just as brushing our teeth, helps in keeping teeth healthy however we still visit our dentist for any problem.
Why Germ Busters?
We uphold high standard of quality and service delivery standards. Our entire process is Non – toxic.
How often should a mattress be sanitized?
Global standard is to sanitize a mattress /sofa once every quarter. We recommend treating it at least twice a year. In case of severe allergies we recommend it quarterly.
Do you take the mattress out to sanitize?
No, it is an on-site job and sanitization is done inside your home on the bed itself.
Is it safe for children while the service is carried out?
Germ Busters does not use anything, which can harm kids, adult or even pets. In fact, we sanitize various kids stuff viz. stuffed toys, blankets, cots etc. for many of our customers.
Why can't I use my own vacuum?
Firstly, many vacuum cleaners do not filter fine dust effectively. Some adequately pull small particles out of your bedding and carpeting. However, their filter systems are so porous that microscopic particles pass through the cleaner and are expelled back into the air you breathe! These vacuum cleaners are not equipped to trap microorganisms like dust mites or even their waste. Disposable bags used by Germ Busters are made up of a material, which can trap bacteria up to the size of 0.1 micron. Size of dust mites waste varies from 10 to 20 micron. To put that in perspective, diameter of human hair varies from 40 to 120 microns! Secondly, the machine used by Germ Busters has a brush built- in, which helps in agitating the surface and releasing the mites and their waste from the fabric. Finally and most importantly, Germ Busters uses a proprietary powerful germicidal UV lamp to kill bacteria, fungus, molds etc. found commonly in Dust.
Does your treatment have chemicals?
No, It is completely non-toxic, which is not harmful for human being or pets.
Does my mattress have to be old for it to require cleaning?
Any mattress, which is more than 4-6 months old will have a similar number of dust mites and other allergens. Hence they should be sanitized regularly.
What is Ultra Violet (UV-C) Light?
Our sun provides a wide spectrum of light energy – from the invisible ultraviolet to normal visible light and up through the visible infrared. We are most familiar with the invisible UVA and UVB light waves that are harmful to our skin. However, it is the short UVC wavelength that contains the right level of energy for destroying bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and molds. Medical studies using ultra-violet disinfections have proven effective in reducing the spread of tuberculosis, measles, influenza, smallpox, and controlling infection in operating rooms. The Germ Busters UVC light system uses large high intensity bulbs to destroy dust mites and countless harmful microorganisms quickly and efficiently.
What if we vacuum the mattress ourselves?

A domestic vacuum cleaner will help a little but mostly will just disturb the debris. There are two important things you should consider. Firstly, your intended vacuum cleaner must have a HEPA filter otherwise the minute particles including harmful allergens will be distributed around the room. This could trigger a strong reaction. Secondly, the Germ Busters commercial system is extremely powerful and generates high frequency waves that agitates and loosen all particles including dust mites and importantly their excrement, dead skin flakes and extract them. Simultaneously, attached to the vacuum unit, is a UVC germicide light that can kill dust mites and anything living, viruses, bacteria and mold spores. This debris is efficiently collected and disposed of by our trained operators.

What about the pillows?

Pillows are just as important to be protected against dust mites, allergic reaction and the threat of a lifelong allergy.

How do you come in contact with dust mites?

Dust mites are microscopic, when we move on the mattress it acts like a bellows and puffs up particles containing Guanine found in dust mite excrement, which easily pass through protectors and bedding to land on our face and skin. This is a major trigger for a host of allergic reactions including Asthma, Eczema and reactions such as poor sleep, runny nose, sneezing, headaches, sinus, itchy eyes and much more. Constant exposure can cause a lifelong allergy.

How old should the mattress be before it needs to be cleaned?
A mattress 6 months old will benefit from our cleaning process, in fact we can perform a simple test for you with a black cloth displaying what we actually take out of the mattress – it will shock you!
Do protective covers work?

There are studies that indicate they are not effective. Our experience is when we have tested a mattress with a protective cover there is contamination. Nevertheless, should you have or intend to purchase a mattress protector that suggests it will deter dust mites make sure you have your mattress sanitized beforehand. Most minute holes in covers will stretch when washed. Even new, they will not protect against the movement of dust mite excrement, which is what we are allergic to and can create an allergy.

Can mattress sanitizing cure my allergies or Asthma?

Our process won’t provide a cure but what it can do is to help reduce the severity and frequency. However, we have found in many cases that mattress sanitizing has eliminated dust mite causing allergen and in the case of asthmatics (80% suffer from exposure to dust mites) there is a very likely chance of significant relief.

Do you treat carpets as well?

Yes. We treat pillows, rugs and sofas too.

How long before the mattress needs another service?
Generally 3 to 6 months, however, other factors need to be considered like the state of your health, whether you have known allergies to the dust mite and require more frequent servicing e.g. Asthma or Eczema. Also, if your symptoms begin to return, that will determine when we are required. Certainly, asthmatics should allow no more than 3 months. Remember that our process is preventative as well and especially important for children.
How long does the sanitizing process take?
It naturally depends on the size of the mattress; allow 15 to 30 minutes for each mattress. After we have completed cleaning the mattress we apply a non-toxic natural spray that deodorizes as well as sanitizes. You can make the bed after a few minutes.
What do I do if there is an organic stain like urine or body fluids?

Generally we can significantly reduce if not eliminate the stain area and completely remove any odour (and bacteria) associated with the stain. The result can be dependent on the mattress material, age of the stain and various other factors.

Will the process remove odors?

The high temperatures of the steam kills the bacteria that are causing the odors, be it from urine, mold or just a general mustiness. Germ Busters has had great results with eliminating these odors and leaving the bed smelling fresh again.

What's wrong with Shampoos and Regular cleaners?
Most cleaning products (even home made eco products) leave behind a residue. That residue actually attracts more dirt meaning the surface gets dirty faster than before you cleaned it. Try putting soap on one of your fingers, and instead of rinsing that soap off, let it dry. That finger will feel sticky and you will likely find that in a short period of time, that finger is dirtier than the others. This is what happens when cleaning residues are not rinsed thoroughly. This is a very common problem especially in soft furnishings and carpets.
Do I need to be home?

Germ Busters treatment specialists are experienced and trust worthy people. So long as you have arranged access to the beds, and clear identification of what you would like them to do, you are welcome to leave them to it. The treatment specialist will leave you a report to show the effectiveness of their work.

How long does the procedure take?
To clean the average family’s beds can take up to 3 hours. The process is done in your house and the duration of the process depends on the sofa or mattresses size / age. It will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete a double mattress.
How long until I can use my bed again?
The steam is super-hot & dry. The bed is usually dry within 5 – 10 minutes and ready to be made after the service.
Can you remove marks from my mattress?

While the process is specifically designed for sanitization, some marks may be removed in the process. Germ Busters understands we are entering your personal space and carries out its service in a respectful manner. If your mattress is marked, don’t worry, it’s part of life and most mattresses are. Sometimes the dry steam removes the marks, but it always sanitizes them.

How do you clean without any cleaning products?

Germ Busters uses the principles of physics as opposed to creating a chemical reaction to kill bacteria. Instant high temperatures created by the Super-hot dry steam kill all germs. No living organisms can survive at the temperatures where steam is created.

What about the dust mites in the rest of my home?
Germ Busters can take the same technologies used in sterilizing your bed to deep clean and sanitize the rest of your home. If you suffer from dust allergies, it is recommended that you have your carpets, couches, and curtains sanitized without chemicals regularly to reduce the dust mite population in your home.
How often should I have my bed sanitized?

Studies show that even a brand new mattress can reach high populations of dust mites and bacteria within 6 months, however customers who have their beds treated with an anti-microbial can extend their treatments to 12-18 months. If you are in the hospitality industry or have lots of different people staying in your bed, please contact us about our Regular sanitization program to give your guest a peaceful nights rest.

Will having my bed serviced by Germ Busters help my allergies?
While a healthy sleeping environment will never heal a persons allergy, international studies show that the processes Germ Busters uses will significantly reduce exposure to the dust mite allergies while in bed and thus reduce the symptoms they face.
How long does the treatment procedure take?

The process is done in your house and the duration of the process depends on the sofa or mattresses size / age. It will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete the same.

How long after the treatment can I use my mattress/sofa?

The mattress is ready to be used just after the treatment. As we don’t use any chemicals.

What are the symptoms of having allergens at home?

Hay Fever, Running Nose, Sneezing, Asthma, Bronchitis, Infantile Eczema, Itchy / Red / Watery Eyes, Nasal Congestion, Itchy Nose, Itchy Roof of Mouth or Throat, Post-nasal Drip, Cough, Frequent Awakening, Facial Pressure and Pain. In a child frequent upward rubbing of nose.

I have not treated my mattress/sofa in the last 5 years and nothing happened to me or my kids?

We will say you are very lucky or your resistance is good, but don’t wait till diseases like Asthma hits you or your kids. Not everyone has TB / polio in the family yet we give vaccinations to our kids when they are born, just to prevent it.

I have just bought a new bed mattress/sofa; do i need to treat it as well?

Yes! You have just bought it, but you don’t know how long it was kept in the warehouse of the manufacturer and then at the retail showroom.

I have placed plastic sheets on my bed mattress. Do i also need to get your services?

Yes, plastic sheets are extremely dangerous to the pores of the body and harmful to kids. While sleeping for 08 to 10 hours your body is breathing. It’s just like putting a plastic bag on your face, what will happen after few minutes? So remove the plastic sheets from the bed mattress immediately after purchase, otherwise it can trigger back and other muscular problems.

How long in advance do I need to call or book an appointment?

At least 24 hours to 48 hours are required to book an appointment, you can call on 09967364111.

What are your office timings for booking an appointment?

Our Mumbai office timings are all days in the week from 10:00 AM till 08:00 PM. In case you wish to choose a timing later that that due to your work schedules, do let us know accordingly.

How much does it cost?

The prices are based on the size and age of the Mattress/Sofa. Our team will inspect your mattresses and will give you an estimate.

How often should this service be provided?

Once the mattress is vacuumed, the disinfection will last for up to 3 months. We suggest that you repeat the treatment once every three months. It’s your decision or choice to use our services. For Hotels four times a year and for Hospitals five or six times a year is recommended.

Why should you choose Germ Busters?
When you use our services you get highly professional services. Our highly expert staff will also educate you about the treatment. Last but not the least, we have the best and the most expensive tool available which can treat 9 to 11 inches thick mattresses.
Do you cover the area I live in?

Our Corporate service is available PAN India. Homes are serviced across Mumbai and Pune.

If I suffer from any allergies will this process still be harmless for me?

Yes, the process is absolutely harmless for everyone in the house. In fact post treatment it will even improve your health and your kid’s health.

What will be extracted from my Mattress/Sofa?

Dust, dust mites, spores, dead skin flakes and other particles.

Does the age of the mattress matter?

Researches have proved that a mattress which is 6 months old can contain as many dust mites and dust as a mattress which is 5 years old.

Do you have separate prices for bulk orders?

Yes, we cater our services to various hotels, hospitals, service apartments, hostels, staff accommodation quarters, etc. Once our supervisor visits your property for inspection of the bed mattresses, we will send you a discounted price quotation.

I need an immediate service can you provide?

Yes! charges will vary in such times where we have to provide service at a quick turn around time.