Mattress Sanitization Services​

mattresses sanitisation service

Mattresses are where we spend majority of our time. They are also the main breeding ground for mites such as dust mite and itch mite. The mattress provides ideal environment conditions for the mites along with plentiful supply of food. Human skin flakes are the primary food for the dust mites. Mattress sanitizing services ensure that the dust mites and itch mites are reduced in number and prevent the allergy and germs from growing. It’s not a regular cleaning service which takes care of stains but more of a service which ensures that dust mites and germs are eradicated from the mattresses.

We spend 1/3rd of our lives on the mattresses. As we sleep we breathe in these dust mites and germs from the mattresses and pillows. These germs then dwell in our lungs and create problems like bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory disorders. Sleeping on these surfaces infested with dust mites and germs can also create allergies and skin problems like eczema and rashes. Allergy being in the forefront of what one can get from these dust mite infested surfaces.

Our 3 Step Process

Germ Busters follows a worldwide standard of a 3 pronged approach; therefore ensuring that the upholstered surfaces of your mattress, sofas pillows and carpets are completely sanitized.

Our industrial powered vacuum ensures that all the dust mites and germs are not just sucked into the machine but it also has filtering capability of ensuring that the germs as small as 0.2 μm (micron) is filtered. Most machines do not have this HEPA filteration. All  theallergens get caught up in our machine. You get to see the quantum of dust that gets extracted.



(Industrial Vacuum Based)

Even small doses of UV-C seem to have a fairly significant effect on house dust mite reproduction. We have found that as little as two second of UV-C results in the death of the house dust mites eggs. UV-C has the potential to break the life cycle of the house dust mite. Tests reveals a greater than 99.99% reduction in dust mites after one second of exposure.

UV germ busters



Steam is the colourless, odourless gaseous state of water and hence it is not visible to the naked human eye. What you are actually looking at here is vapour, ie the steam which is very close to its phase change. This process just ensures that the corners and the surfaces are de-odorised. It just freshens up the upholstery. It takes absolutely no time to dry.

steam germ busters