Office Chairs

Our Services ensure that the chairs are all shampooed and most stains removed.

This process removes all the dust and some stains from the office chairs.

Older stains are hard to remove.

An average human spends 5 years of their life sitting on chairs in office. We can help you get it sanitized.

Office Carpets

carpets carry most of the dirt and germs.

Shampooing the surface ensures that all dirt and germs and most stains are cleaned. Carpets carry most of the dirt and germs. We suggest that our service be done on these surfaces at least once every 3 - 6 months.


Germ Buster Info

Germ Busters is an establishment focused on sanitizing Mattress, Sofas, Carpet, Duvets, Pillows and soft toys and is headquartered in Mumbai.
The products that we use for this process are endorsed and approved by FDA, The British Allergy Foundation and Asthma and Allergy Resource Centre.