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  • We want to be recognized as the quality service providers for sanitizing services in India.

  • Strive to achieve new methods, technology and procedures to make living spaces allergy free.
    Spreading awareness amongst youngsters and adults on germs and allergens.

  • Educate India to be a clean and sanitized country


  • We seek to become a name of standard, to make houses, hospitals, hotels and other living territories germ free there in being allergy free.

Company Profile

  • G erm Busters is a company focused on removing allergens from every nook and corner of both residential and commercial spaces. Staying true to our name, we provide every cleaning service that helps remove all kinds of dust, dirt, germs, mites and molds and busts germs from comfort zones. Though we might be considered a relatively new company incorporated in the year 2013; doesn't make us any less from our contemporaries. In fact, we believe that our company and its sanitizing services will help raise the standard of living as well as maintain health and well-being of people by providing them robust cleaning services.
    A number of scientific studies on human health show that the biggest cause of allergies, cold and cough etc. among human beings is the presence of dust and dirt particles in everything that we sit and sleep on. Unfortunately no amount self- dusting or cleaning can remove all the dust or mites. Thus one is in dire need of professional service that ensures removal of every allergen particle from your house and office. We at Germ Busters carry exactly the same task i.e. to remove each and every germ, dirt, dust, mites and mold particles from your place by using our authentic, non-toxic and chemical free treatment.
    The allergens such as dirt, molds, mites and bed bugs etc. are present at every place where you don’t wish them to be i.e. they are an integral part of your bed, sofas, mattresses and every upholstered material where you tend to sleep and relax. Thus, if you have regular encounters with allergies such as cold, cough and rashes on your skin then, blame the comfort spots of your house and office. Our team at Germ Busters is completely aware of the most likely places where germ and mites might exist and this makes us highly able and competitive in germ-proofing your house and property.
    Germ Busters follows a 3-step approach in order to remove dust and dirt particles from spaces which can be anything from a Hotel Lobby to your kid’s room and from a hospital dormitory to a restaurant space. No matter where you live or work, our company works with the prime motive to make the entire living scenario dirt, germ and allergen free. We aim to become a formidable name in the field of germ removal and make every possible territory be it hospitals, homes, houses and every other place to be germ free.
    Apart from maintaining our promise to clean and germ proof your place, we even stand true to our promise of providing hygienic and chemical free services and use only those products that are endorsed by British Allergy Association, Asthma and Allergy Source Centre of India and FDA. In order to affirm your decision on germ proofing, we will happily demonstrate our services at your place and show you how effective and beneficial are services will prove to be.
    So, don’t live amidst germs, dirt and dust any longer call Germ Busters and get more details and a free estimate now.